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世界杯预选赛~~good luck~!





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歐洲預選 10-13 03:00  英格蘭 - 聖馬力諾  参考主队
WC 2014 Qual. Europe: England vs San Marino

Stats from previous qualification matches: England scored 6 goals and combined 12 shots on goal in two matches. San Marino looked terrible in defense - Montenegro made 8 shots and converted most of their chances scoring six goals.

England started their performance at World Cup qualification with a convincing 5-0 win at Moldova. England was dominating in the match and showed a solid offense. This offense should once again shine against San Marino, the worst team of the group. San Marino usually finishes in the bottom of the table with huge number of goals conceded. In the opening qualification match they allowed 6 goals vs Montenegro playing at home. History showed, that top European teams usually scores huge numbers. In the previous Euro2012 qualification San Marino conceded 11 at Holland, 8 at Hungary, even at Finland they allowed 8 goals also. England's strikers should have an easy job here.

Pick : England (-5)
Odds : 1.80
Stake : 10 / 10
Bookmaker : Bet365


歐洲預選 10-13 02:30  荷蘭 - 安道爾 参考主队 
WC 2014 Qual. Europe: Netherlands vs Andorra

Netherlands wiil face Andora in 3 round qualifications and they will looking for third victory.In first two games they beat Turkey at home 2:0 and Hungary away 1:4.In this match they are huge favorites and only quation is how many goals they will score.Netherlands is currenlty on second position in the standings with same number of points lke first placed Romania,but Romani has better goals difference.In this match they will have chance to pass them with one convincing victory.
On the other side Andora is one of the worst teams in Europe.They lost first two games in this qualification group against Romania away 4:0 and Hungary at home 0:5.I belive that Anora is not capable to score in this match and like I said only question in this match is with ow many goals of difference they will lose this match.
Netherlands is huge favorites and I belive they are capable to score at least 5 goals in this match and with striker like Robin Van Persie that shouldn't be a problem.

Pick : Netherlands -4 EH
Odds : 1.80
Stake : 10 / 10
Bookmaker : Interwetten


南美預選 10-13 04:30  哥倫比亞 - 巴拉圭 参考主队 
WC 2014 Qual. SA: Colombia vs Paraguay
Colombia seems to be on fire as they've won their last 2 qualification matches with a solid results and against strong teams.

After 7 rounds , the team is on 2-nd postion, just 1 point behind leaders Argentina. This will be a tough qualification as now the teams from 1-st to 6-th postion are in only 3 point gap.

Colombia did not play in World Cup finals since 1998. That and the fact that they have some very quality players like Falcao , James Rodrigues , Mario Yepes and Zuniga surely is someting that makes them slight favourites for a spot in the finals after 2 years.

Led by argentinian coach Jose Pekerman , who was in charge of Argentina in World Cup 2006 the team surely has a lot to offer.

The team will be without defender Luis Perea , midfielder Abel Aguilar and winger Darwin Quintero.

Paraguay are on the opposite side. THey are at the bottom of the standings with just 4 points. The last 4 games were 4 straight losses.

And overall at away games the team is just awful - 4 away games - 4 losses. 2 goals scored and 10 conceded. With player like Falcao , who is on superb form i think the conceded goals will rise.

Also , Paraguay will be without several key players - defenders Marcos Caceres , Antolin Alcaraz and Dario Veron and experienced strikers Oscar Cardoso and Roque Santa Cruz.

Bigger handicaps are also worth trying , as Paraguay will fill the squad with local league players. GL !

Pick : Colombia (-1 AH)
Odds : 2.03
Stake : 9 / 10 
Bookmaker : Pinnacle
1. 小组第二位 自98世界后
2. 实力份子Falcao , James Rodrigues , Mario Yepes and Zuniga
3. 教练阿根廷2006年世界杯Jose Pekerman
4. 客队最尾
5. 缺核心 defenders Marcos Caceres , Antolin Alcaraz and Dario Veron and experienced strikers Oscar Cardoso and Roque Santa Cruz 


欧洲预选 10-13 02:45  斯洛文尼亚 - 塞浦路斯 参考主队 
WC 2014 Qual. Europe: Slovenia vs Cyprus

Slovenia started with very badly this campaigne with a 0-2 home lose against Switzerland and then a 1-2 last minute away lose with Norway.

For Slovenia this is a must win game and they have Inter keeper Handanovic back in squad but are without important midfielder Birsa.

Cyprus started with a 1-3 away lose at Albania and them get their first three points with a 1-0 home win against Iceland.

Cyprus travel to Maribor with some absences, Dosa Junior, Marios Nikolaou, Avraam, Merkis and Alenxandrou are all out injured and Laban is suspended.

Playing at home at Maribor against a Cyprus squad with some important missings Slovenia is for me clear favorite to win this must win game for them. With Handanovic back in goal and Samir & Matavz upfront i think Slovenia will win surely and probably with more than 1 goal difference.

Pick : Slovenia
Odds : 1.85
Stake : 8 / 10
Bookmaker : Bet365


歐洲預選 10-13 02:00  保加利亞 - 丹麥 参考细波
WC 2014 Qual. Europe: Bulgaria vs Denmark
Jompy (Bulgaria)
Bulgaria will try to continue their unbeaten run and OUR priority here will be - not to lose. We are gonna field again defensive formation as we are the underdogs here and probably will start with 4-5-1, where attacking midfielder Ivelin Popov will be upfront. He is not regular in his new club in Russia, so we cant expect miracles from him. The other strikers in the squad are Mitsanski ( Kaiserslaurten- also not regular ) Bojinov - Verona (ita) also not regular and Rangelov (luzren).
We took 4 points in first 2 matches and everone is excited and boosted with confidence. We need 4 points in these two matches ( against Denmark and Czech Rep. ) to make important step ahead to the WC finals, but probably 2 draws will be counted as success aswel. Bulgaria won against Armenia but we saw huge troubles in creativity plan and especially upfront. I cant see underestimation by Denmark, as Italy did and I see close and underish game here.

Denmark is coming after goaless draw at home against Czech Rep. and will search at least a point here. They involved Bendtner in the squad, but he is just recovered by injury and wont be ready IMO. Denmark federation announced that wants only 320 tickets for their fans.

In the same time huge support is expected for Bulgaria, as now everyone started to dream and to believe in our team.
Pick : under 2,5 goals
Odds : 1.75
Stake : 8 / 10
Bookmaker : Interwetten
1. 主队4-5-1阵式,前锋attacking midfielder Ivelin Popov,喺俄超俱乐部都唔系主力。
2. 其他前锋,凯沙罗顿、维罗纳、卢森都唔系主力
3. 未来两战vs丹麦和捷克要攞4分,
4. 1-0赢阿美尼亚当中好困难,组织唔到。
5. 丹麦主力前锋宾特拿刚刚好翻,
6. 丹麦足协只要求320张飞。

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