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瑞士超 01:45 洛桑體育隊 - 年青人

Lausanne vs Young Boys

Lausanne had a good second half away to Luzern but this was not enough to take points. In the end of the first half they accepted the first goal and in the second half they appeard better, managed to create some opportunities and score a goal a little before full time. Once again they confirmed that they are dependent on the presence of Gabri and Moussilou in the attack, and without them it is difficult to achieve something.

Anyway, Lausanne should be greatly improved to have chances to remain in the division. Now they are facing Young Boys, another difficult match, as Young Boys will have a completely different season than last year, they appear improved and stronger this time with good additions made to their roster during the summer break. Spanish key midfielder Gabri, midfielder Fabrizio Zambrella, midfielder Michel Avanzini and striker Matt Moussilou are all sidelined with injuries.

Young boys whacked Sion with the score of 2:0 in the first game of the season, and according to the match reports the score should be higher for Young Boys as they let promises of a successful season, started impressively, created lot of opportunities to score and have also two shots in the posts. Generally they shown that they are very improved in comparison with last season, they appear stable in defense and they finally have a creative midfield line and an effective offensive line.

They want to push for top three this season and for this to happen they need to improve their away record, as last season they were terrible away from home. As their head coach Fredy Bickel stated, he can promise to their fans that they will win more points away from home than last season. Striker Samuel Afum, midfielder Pascal Doubai and the new midfielder Milan Gajic are still not ready to make their debuts.

Based on the image of the teams last games, Young Boys has surely a clear lead. They look more ready than Lausanne and they have the advantage of quality at all lines. Lausanne is completely dependent on Gabri and Moussilou who will both miss today again.

Bet: Young Boys Win @2.05 with bet365

bet365推介bet365推介:年青人 标胜


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