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你哋今日kiss咗未啊???话说今日系国际接吻日,International Kissing Day,已经得到咗联合国的承认~
日職聯 7-6 17:00 甲府風林 - 浦和紅鑽

Ventforet Kofu vs Urawa Reds

Ventforet Kofu backup forward Masaru Matsuhashi will miss this match through suspension. Striker Jose Ortigoza has departed. Midfielder Koki Mizuno is recovering from a knee injury and maybe available for selection. Takuma Tsuda are Ryohei Arai are doubtful.

Urawa Reds Diamond defender Mitsuru Nagata skipped Sunday’s League Cup match despite being fit-again. Striker Shinzo Koroki also missed Sunday’s match due to injury and remains doubtful for this match.

Ventforet Kofu were on a 5-match winless skid at all competitions before the mid-season break. Manager Hiroshi Jofuku will miss this match through suspension, which will be a huge blow for the team.

Urawa Reds Diamond recorded a 1-1 draw with Cerezo Osaka and reached the League Cup semifinals after winning 3-1 on aggregate. In the cup second leg game we saw midfielder Marcio Rechardes in place of Shinzo Koroki upfront. Urawa Reds Diamond are 5 points behind league leaders Omiya Ardija now and they can't afford to drop points anymore.

Before the break we saw after the goods results against Vegalta Sendai (1-1) how the players were tired. The break was a good chance for Urawa Reds Diamond to fresh up again. They are in good shape and their confidence is sky-high. Scoring ace Genki Haraguchi, who was benched earlier due to discipline issue, will be determined to thrash Kofu’s defence. Urawa Reds Diamond is the favourite here and they can win.


浦和红钻后卫【永田充】已康复,射手【兴梠慎三】又伤埋, 日联杯并未有上阵,所以呢场唔使旨意佢哋




芬超 7-6 21:00 路雲尼米 - 古比斯


关于今仗,路云尼米已经7场不胜,对上一战更加作客战平药煲嘅积华史基拿,主要问题出现在阵容方面,前锋Niklas Tarvaj?rvi塔华查域因家事终止合同,队内神射手Aleksandr Kokko几次因伤话上话上又上唔到,后卫Victor Turcios赶赴萨尔瓦多参加美洲金杯,中场Mika-Matti膝盖受伤整季报销,后卫Albin Gran和中场Ataulla Guerra古拉,就算上到都带伤上阵。

古比斯full team,近态又几好,可以主场击败排名第3的VPS华沙。。
RoPS vs KuPS

RoPS face 7th placed KuPS in Saturday's only Veikkausliiga fixture. 9th placed RoPS have played well at home this season, they've won 5 of their 8 matches, but are without a win in their last 7 games. Last round they snatched a 1-1 draw away against JJK with a last second equalizer from Ndukaku Alison. They have quite a lot of squad problems at the moment. Striker Niklas Tarvaj?rvi terminated his contract due to family matters, top scorer Aleksandr Kokko has been doubtful for some time now, defender Victor Turcios has traveled to join with the El Salvador national team for Gold Cup and midfielder Mika-Matti Maisonvaara is most likely out for the rest of the season with a knee injury. Defender Albin Granlund and midfielder Ataulla Guerra are also doubtful.

KuPS on the other hand have almost a full squad available, only midfielder Dawda Bah and suspended defender Omar Colley are missing. KuPS come to this match after beating VPS 1-0 at home with a goal from defender Antti Hynynen. KuPS need to win this if they want to challenge for a top 3 finish the season and they have at least enough firepower up front. Estonian international Ats Purje has recovered from injury and new HJK loanee Akseli Pelvas is getting more and more used to his new teammates.

I think the bookies have overestimated RoPS' home form, they haven't played that well lately and with so many absentees KuPS should be slight favorites for this match.

Pick : 2
Odds : 3.20
Stake : 6 / 10

友誼賽 7-7 01:30 草蜢 - 貝爾格萊德紅星

钟表杯足球邀请赛,钟表杯足球邀请赛(Uhren Cup)是一项俱乐部国际足球邀请赛。每年在瑞士的格兰岑(Grenchen)举行。首届赛事于1962年举行。with the exception of 1967, 1974 and 2012).
Established as an international tournament (1962–1968)
Uhrencup as regional event (1969-2002)
During the following years (1992 to 2002) the Uhrencup returned to being a Swiss-Internal tournament.
New edition as an international tournament (2003-2011)新组织,新委员会,加大奖金,04,凯沙罗顿,科隆、利华古逊、多蒙特、特拉布宗、萨克达


目前对于塞尔维亚d俱乐部嚟讲,水深火热?雪上加霜,差唔多系呢d形容词,红星准备吹响集结号的时候,主教练Sa Pinto讲88,佢话俱乐部夏季转会期间好似比人打咗懵仔针咁,唔单止咁,仲流血不止,阵容一度恶化,人员继续流失,

Grasshoppers vs. Crvena zvezda

This pick is mainly based on my knowledge about current situation in Zvezda at the moment . Very hard situation for Serbian club, at the beging of preparations for the new season Zvezda lost coach from previous season Sa Pinto, because club didnt do anything during transfer period, even squad looked worst than it was last season, cause some players left club, including 3/4 players from back line. Team is currently without any serious center back, only some young, kinf of talented players. Zvezda got new coach in mid time, and he looks better than previous IMO, but he simply didnt have enough time to do something in team. Even so, it was idea to cancel Uhren Cup participation, but club gave up from that idea cause it would be to expensive...New coach said that he wants to train team more atm, than he needs strong friendly games.

I dont know too much about Grass, if I take a look in their squad, I know for most of the players, more or less they are quality once, but still I cant be too confident about their real strenght. I found that they played some friendlies, draw against Winterthur (1-1), which is not so good result, and some huge win against some amateurs. Grass has new coach Skibbe, who is in downtrend of his career.

Swiss league starts in one week, I supose that Grass should be close to full form, and i think they should demonstrate here. On the other side, Zvezda is building new team, they are at the begining...Still this is just some kind of friendly, be careful with stake, nothing more than medium.

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